About us


ArtsUP! LA is a nonprofit theater and arts program serving people with disabilities, military veterans, and opportunity youth. They remove barriers to participation and provide unlimited possibilities for artistic expression, building diverse artists and audiences who are changing how the arts are presented and experienced.

Our Mission
ArtsUP! LA is a bridge between professional theater and overlooked communities. Our stage ignites artistic expression, fosters human connection, illuminates understanding, and brings diverse artists and audiences of all mind, body, and life experiences into a shared place of unlimited possibility.

Our Vision
ArtsUP! LA is building a community where the creative expression of diverse people opens minds, transforms lives, ushers in equality, and changes how the arts are presented and experienced.

We Believe In

Unlimited Possibility
Our artists are people of all mind, body, and life experiences.
ArtsUP! LA fosters creative human expression beyond perceived challenges, promoting artistic freedom in a supportive place of unlimited possibility.

Our Communities
Our work ignites the artistic spirit and voice of people with disabilities, military veterans, and opportunity youth to the benefit of the larger Los Angeles community.

We are a company of believers, visionaries, and risk takers holding fast to our dreams. Art is our platform for courage, change, and achievement. We acknowledge the power of personal transformation along the journey of creativity and performance.

Saying Yes
The arts must work for everyone. We promote optimism in all we do, shouting YES to ideas and possibility. We break barriers and destroy boundaries because we can. We say yes. Every time.

Generating Joy
We are serious about fun. We channel positive energy into a culture that is wildly creative, upbeat, and inspirational. Artists are encouraged to express the vast range of human emotion in shared moments that are moving, profound, and ultimately uplifting.

Equity and Respect
ArtsUP! LA promotes the power of people to be seen and heard outside of the under-box society puts them in (underserved, underprivileged, underrepresented). We offer open, accessible, and inclusive arts experiences that nurture diversity in all forms for both artists and audiences.

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